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At I-TECH Personnel Services, we firmly believe that skill sets are free from language barriers. Companies are seeking to diversify their company culture and their goals in order to compete in a globalized market. With the help of new and emerging technologies, the world is growing more interconnected; more than ever, it is becoming necessary for companies to look for candidates who can bring the world into their offices.

Not only are we a full-service staffing agency that offers our expertise in job recruiting and human resources, we also provide access to a multilingual network that connects reliable and skilled candidates with companies seeking to bring a global perspective to their local projects. We work as partners to meet your needs, whether you are an employer looking to bring additional resources to your company’s goals or a candidate with a unique skill set to bring to the worktable.

We work to identify personal and company goals, skills, and missions to find the perfect match between candidates and employers. Rather than running the employment game in the dark, we are by your side each and every step of the way, from resume reviews to the perfect placement. We work diligently to ensure that your need and wants are being met. With saved time, money, and energy, you can focus on building a career and a company that can readily compete on a global scale.

We don’t find jobs; we build careers.


I-Tech does it again!

September 15th, 2014

It has been a genuine pleasure working with I-Tech Personnel for almost a year. The work at (removed) has been both challenging and productive, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with (removed) fine staff of professionals. However, I recognize that this would not be possible without the support and encouragement from you and your staff. It was a privilege to work alongside the most diligent and determined professionals who have a true passion for what they do.

Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the I-Tech family and for providing me with this opportunity. I wish you and I-Tech continued success in all your endeavors.

- Diana L., Chemist

 I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the professional support I received at I-Tech Personnel.

I had great success with the advice and constant backing the entire I-Tech Team provided throughout my time as a contractor.  I constantly remembered Mr. Nguyen’s advice, “We can get your foot in the door, but the rest is up to you.” It was very profound and true. Opportunities may come, but many times people don’t take responsibility for being them being the catalyst of change.  I was very apprehensive about leaving a secure job to pursue a temp-to-hire position. However, I-Tech provided tons of information and answered every question that I had, making the transition seamless.  I am so happy that I took that leap of faith!

 I look forward to continued my progress with my new company. Thank you for all your efforts, and those of your staff.

- Chantrell S., Chemist

I-TECH recently provided us with qualified field staff for a large scale remediation project and their service was exceptional. They provided us with an account manager who is there to handle any concerns we have and address them immediately. All staffing were properly screened and came with all the project requirements (40 Hour OSHA). I can always rely on their expertise to hire the best candidate on the market for our project needs

- Rick W., Project Manager – Environmental Company

For the past 3 years it’s been a great experience working for I-tech. Their enthusiasm and extra hours put in for successful placement involves taking the time to get to know each Candidate’s skills, strengths and goals and making a strategic match with the Jobs needs. I-Tech is dedicated to providing its clients with solutions to help them excel in a dynamic and competitive business environment. I-TECH is always poised to respond to their clients’ needs with the highest levels of integrity, dedication, and commitment. Their goal is to create a “Win-Win” situation for the employer, the employees and I-TECH hiring managers. It’s truly a pleasure to work with an agency like I-Tech. Their leadership ability has been essential to my professional development. They have recognized my strengths and built upon them.

Thank you again, for your guidance and support. I will continue to do my best to never disappoint you.

- Cassandra R., Customer Care Representative

It was recommended that I contact I-Tech for a job opportunity. I completed the application process and was interviewed by their Staffing Personnel at which time they reviewed my qualifications to identify a job that was best suited for my experience. All personnel that I have dealt with at I-Tech have been extremely helpful and professional in supporting me. I have now been working in my preferred field for 15 months thanks to the Staff Personnel at I-Tech.

- Teresa K., Supply Chain Specialist
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